Who is Shared Housing For?


Our program is for women with children who wish to love in a shared community home setting, some of whom may have a substance use history. All women admitted to our program must be age 18 or older, regardless of race, religion, or sexual preference. Factors which may preclude acceptance into the program are serious mental impairments or debilitating medical problems.

Homesharing is a way for people to get help and support in a comfortable and familiar environment. Many people feel safe having someone there instead of living alone. And, homesharing housing can be some of the most affordable housing anywhere!

Homesharing breaks down loneliness and social isolation. Today, loneliness is recognized as a major risk to health. Residents benefit from the peace of mind knowing someone with integrity is living with and looking out for them. Families of those who find housing know their relative is living in decent, affordable and stable housing.

We have a history of reaching out to typically underrepresented women, including those self-identified as such related to ethnicity, culture or religion, including LBG,HIV, and re-entry community.

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A woman may be referred by a social worker or decide to contact us directly themselves.

Staff will conduct an interview with candidates to determine eligibility. Information related to substance abuse, current medications, medical, mental health diagnoses, length of prior recovery, legal history status of a woman's identity, income source if any, and other pertinent information. Once a woman is deemed eligible, and arrive at our home, they are greeted by staff on duty and begin the orientation process.

An introduction to other community members is followed by a completion of program intake. Once completed, the individual is assigned to a peer mentor who will review house rules, emergency procedures, daily schedule and do a home tour.

All women are provided individual space and furniture for sleeping for themselves and their children, property storage accomodations, as well as hygiene supplies and access to cooking, food storage, and other typical home ammenities.

Our Core Services
  • Individualized Goal Planning

  • Case Management/Service Coordination

  • Peer to Peer Mentoring (CBT Groups)

  • Restorative Practices


  • ​Life Skills/Job Readiness/Job Referral

  • 24 Hour Crisis Intervention

  • Community Referrals

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